Teachers from the school assess the students work on the basis of their systematized teaching learning activities. The school has a system of two-type assessments.

Formative: This is interwoven with daily learning and helps teachers and students to find out what the students already knew in order to plan the next stage of learning. Formative Assessment and teaching are directly linked and neither of them can function either effectively or purposely without the other.

Summative: This happens at the end of teaching and learning process. It gives opportunities to the students to demonstrate what they have learnt.

Value Education
To imbibe higher social values among the students, value education has been made an integral part of the COSMOS curriculum. The school believes that value education is the basic need of the hours and it is achieved through the lectures on value education in the morning assembly, class-room activities and through projects. Every effort is made for oneness of life. The children are trained to have emotional balance and manage stress through deep breathing and meditation.

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