Computer Lab

Realizing the importance of Information Technology in the present age, the school has well equipped computer lab. It aims to create computer literacy among the students to make them ready to face the new challenges of the information age.


Well – equipped labs for science, Mathematics, work experience have been set up, where the student will not only replicate text book procedures but will also discover, device and evaluate their own experiences.


It is compulsory for all students of all age groups. The school provides. Major facilities for football, badminton, table tennis, volley ball etc. the school also has provision of various games activities like judo, karate, yoga etc.


Books are a treasured wealth and fit inheritance of generations and nations”. Our library is full of books on different subjects, reference books, encyclopedias, fictions and classic to inoculate reading habits among students.

School Transport

School provides transport to the students residing in nearby Areas. However, the use of school bus cannot be claimed as a matter of right and the school may withdraw this facility from any student not abiding but the transport rules or for creating indiscipline in the Bus.

School Canteen

Snacks are available at Lunch time; Water in all branches has Aqua Guard to protect students from all kind of water borne diseases. High precaution is maintained for hygienic conditions and to avoid junk food.

Medical Check-up

Regular Medical Check-up is made by reputed doctors from SHARP Agencies and dental/eye checkup is made by trained doctors brought once a year by Lion’s Club.

House System.

Each house conducts morning assemblies thrice in the academic session with prayer, thought for the day, scriptures, quiz and self-composed poems by students and the display boards help to import the important news about the topic chosen,

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